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If you're a mother that doesn't get sleep or unable to get your baby on track, then Jessica is the perfect person for you! She was able to get my baby on track to sleep 10 hrs straight at 4 months old! Don't get me wrong, it was a lot of work but worth it! She's awesome and will guide you through every step of the way!

- Natalie, mom of 3






Working with Jessica truly helped us so much! She helped focus the lens on my children's needs during times when the picture wasn't clear to me. After working with her, I got clear on how to regulate my infant's feeding and sleeping cycles which was such a big help! and not only that, she also help to facilitate positive parent – toddler communication with my 3 year old (such a success) and balance my expectations for behavior. We now experience less tantrums and interruptions! She truly listened to my situation and asked great follow-up/clarification questions to ensure a tailored plan to our individual needs! Jessica is never judgmental and always open minded. I would definitely recommend her to all moms!

- Cathy, mom of 2






Jessica's confidence  and connection with me really helped me to open up and connect. Gaining new knowledge from her help me to feel prepared to conquer my fears as a new mother. Sometimes it can be overwhelming or uncomfortable to discuss your unanswered questions with someone but Jessica makes you feel so comfortable, so I would say working with her is a must for new moms. I would highly recommend her as she is so passionate about her purpose in helping new mommies overcome their barriers and also very relatable as a mother. Jessica, thank you for your quality work and service of bringing out my full potential to be the best mother!

- Damia, First time mom






After working with Jessica, I went from having no consistent sleep to six hours of sleep by the third night. My daughter is now seven weeks old and I am able to maintain my daily life schedule around hers. I would definitely recommend Jessica if you are a new mom. She is very relatable and it was so comforting to talk to another relatively new mom with experience that can relate.

- Brittany, First time mom






We were very impressed with Jessica. She was punctual and courteous. We loved her extensive experience in working with children. My son gravitated towards her immediately. She definitely checks all the boxes. She has a great understanding of how to interact with parents in the home and asked excellent questions about our parenting philosophy. I highly recommend her! 

- Jennifer, mom of 2






After having my third baby, I hired Jessica to help me at night. With two other children at home, I couldn't nap during the day so having Jessica at night allowed me to get the rest I needed. She worked with me to figure out a way I could still breast-feed or pump in the middle of the night and she would handle the rest (burping, changing diapers, and getting baby back to sleep). She was always on time and very friendly. I felt very comfortable leaving my newborn in her care while I caught up on my sleep. I highly recommend her!

- Christa, mom of 3

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