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Mama I've Got YOU!

I'm Jessica, your Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant & Newborn Care Specialist passionate about enhancing your motherhood experience with restful nights and blissful days!

Are you feeling exhausted and sleep deprived? Does your baby's lack of sleep make preforming to your full during the day pretty difficult?


Listen, I get it! Figuring out this sleep thing on your own isn't easy! Plus, there's a ton of conflicting sleep information available out there in books and online that can leave you feeling extremely overwhelmed, lost and confused with where to start.


It would be amazing if babies came with a sleep instructional manual, unfortunately that's just not the case. But no worries, I'm here to provide you with the knowledge, support and guidance you need to finally overcome your child's sleep struggle to achieve restful, plentiful sleep for the whole family.




You’ve come to the right place! And as your Certified Sleep Consultant, I totally understand that every child's needs aren't the same, so I am committed to offering you personalized support to meet the individual sleep needs of your individual child while also honoring your parenting style.


When it comes to my journey of becoming a sleep consultant, things started out a bit different for me than most.


While working on my undergraduate degree in Child and Family Development at Western Michigan University I took on my first nanny position. This was a live-in position with a family who had a newborn baby. When I started, she was just 2 weeks old and it wasn't long before sleep (or lack there of) became a frequent topic of conversation. These parents were exhausted.

I quickly became very invested in helping these busy parents find a solution to getting their baby to sleeping through the night. I began research the internet for information and read all the sleep books I could find. Eventually, I was able to successful help them find a method that worked best for their family and met their little girls sleep needs. 

After that experience, I went on to successfully helping other families I nannied for, as well as friends and family! I became hooked and found great passion providing families with the knowledge they needed to get their babies sleeping through the night, so they could thrive as a family.

It quickly became apparent to me that this was what I was meant to be doing. So, I then went on to become a trained Newborn Care Specialist and now a Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant. I truly enjoy what I do and it is hands down the best job in the world!    


I'm a wife and mom of 2 beautiful boys. I am also a former professional nanny and childcare provider with over 10 years of experience in the childcare industry working with families of different backgrounds, providing them with the knowledge and support they need to flourish.

Though I'd successfully helped many families through their parenting and sleep struggles, once I became a mom myself, I realized how much easier it was for me to help others, rather than help myself. And after the birth of my first son, I experienced Postpartum Depression as result of not getting the support I needed to help ease my own stress and overwhelm as a new mom during that first month of his life! 

I quickly began to recognize how my lack of sleep was having a negative impact on many areas of your day-to-day life. That's when I decided to practice what I'd been teaching to other families for many years. And it worked! I got my son consistently sleep through the night 10-12 hours per night and taking predictable naps during the day by 3 months old.


This was truly life changing! I finally gained more control of my day and started feeling like myself again! 

Now, my life's work is to help other moms achieve the same thing! Sleep is truly not a luxury, it's a necessity. And I can't wait to help you and your baby so desperately need and deserve so that you can thrive as a family.


My ultimate goal is to provide families with an unmatched level of service that is both personable and professional. Leaving them feeling content, confident and empowered.

I'm truly on a mission to simply give the gift of sleep to as many families as possible in an effort to help them feel well rested and be able to happily enjoy better quality time together.

The foundation of great sleep is created by establishing healthy sleep habits. And this goes beyond just picking a sleep training method but more so having an understanding of sleep and setting reasonable, age-appropriate expectations.


I believe there's no one size fits all approach when it comes to helping families overcome their sleep struggles. I understand that every family has individual needs which is why I work with each family to uncover the root of their struggles to create a personalized plan. I tailor each plan to meet the individual needs, parenting philosophy, comfort level, and lifestyle of your family.




I look forward to working with you!
Much love,
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