Ready To Finally Get A Full Night's Rest?

Ok, let's be real with one another and get straight to the point! 

Having a baby that isn't sleeping well is extremely exhausting & overwhelming!

But here's a little secret I know you'll enjoy hearing....


Motherhood and sleep deprivation don't have to go hand-in-hand. And being tired isn't a badge of honor! Sleep deprivation is a serious issue that can have a negative impact on many areas of your day-to-day life.

You deserve to enjoy motherhood with more restful, plentiful sleep, and I'm here to help you achieve your sleep goals in less than 2 weeks with support and guidance along the way!

Here's How I Can Help You:

Establishing healthy sleep habits is very important and the key to a good night's sleep.

My methods are safe, effective and supportive. I personally don't believe in letting a baby "cry it out" until they're completely exhausted. I believe in providing babies with trust and reassurance while teaching them healthy sleep habits.  All sleep consulting services provided are personalized to meet the needs of you and your baby.


I help parents with children who are at least 4 months old - 24 months old and sleeping in a crib or transitioning into their own crib. There is also an option for newborn and expectant moms (see below).

Basic Mini Sleep Solution Package: 


  • Comprehensive Sleep Assessment

  • 30-minute Phone/Video Consultation   + verbal plan of action & age-appropriate daily schedule

  • An email recapping everything we discussed in our call

  • Follow up support: (1) 15-minute call and (1) email exchange. Both to be used within one week of our initial call

Investment: $75.00

Advanced Sleep Solution Package:


  • Comprehensive Sleep Assessment

  • 45-minute Phone/Video Consultation  

  • Personalized written Sleep Plan

  • Follow up support: 3 consecutive days of unlimited text support or 60 minutes worth of phone time split up any way you like. Either option is to be used within one week of our initial call


Investment: $175.00

Premium Full Sleep Solution Package


  • Comprehensive Sleep Assessment

  • 1 Hour Phone/Video Consultation  

  • Personalized written Sleep Plan

  • Daily Sleep log tracking and daily personal feedback 

  • Follow up support: 2 weeks of unlimited text and phone support (phone calls are scheduled in advance)

  • 15-minute wrap-up call

Investment: $325.00

Expectant Mom/Newborn Sleep Solution Package:

This option is perfect for expectant moms and moms of newborns (0-4 months). This is not sleep training but instead guidance to creating healthy sleep habits. Learn how to get your baby sleeping through the night with ease. You will be provided with helpful tips, methods and implementation strategies to get you and your baby off to a great start. 



  • 45 minute Phone/Skype Consultation 

  • Guidance on how to establish healthy sleep habits

  • Instructions on how to create a sleep friendly environment

  • 60 minutes worth of phone time split up any way you like until your child is 12 weeks old and 2 follow-up Support Emails (to be used anytime within 6 months of initial call) 


Investment: $150.00

Let's schedule your FREE "Sleep Evaluation" Call to discuss how I can best assist you in getting you and your baby the sleep you both so desperately need!!

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