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In an age crowded with tons of conflicting information, Jessica helps new and expectant moms by providing them with education, newborn care and sleep support allowing for a smooth transition into parenthood. Her support and guidance is based on years of personal experience and training. Our goal is to enhance your motherhood experience by reducing overwhelm and stress with knowledge, leaving you feeling prepared, empowered and confident.

I help parents with children who are at least 4 months old - 18 months old and sleeping in a crib or soon transitioning into their own crib. There is also an option for newborn and expectant moms to introduce great sleep habits from the beginning. (see below).

My methods are safe, effective, and supportive. I personally don't believe in letting a baby "cry it out" until they're completely exhausted. I believe in providing babies with trust and reassurance while teaching them healthy sleep habits.  To help you achieve your sleep goals,

Not local? No problem! Along with In-Home Consultations, services are also provided via Phone/Skype for your convenience!


Services Provided:


*In-Home Consultation provided within 10 miles of Zip Code 48009


baby prep

Preparing for the arrival of your new baby can be a daunting task. Whether you’re expecting one, two, or three babies we’ve got you covered! Our services are personalized to meet your individual needs and lifestyle, while also simplifying the process of planning for and bringing home baby.

Nursery organization

Have everything for baby's nursery but no time or energy to put it all away? Let me help you out! I will come into your home and get everything nicely organized for you. This service will be personalized to create function and flow for sleeping, feeding, changing and quiet time that will meet your needs as well as baby’s. Everything will be nice and neat just in time for baby's arrival!

*In-Home Consult Only

Free Breakthrough Session
sibling prep

This is recommended for children ages 3-6, who will soon welcome a new baby into their family. The aim is  to help ease older siblings into their new role as a big brother/big sister in a very fun, interactive way using developmentally appropriate books, role-play and discussion about being an awesome sibling. You are also provided with an open, non-judgmental space to ask questions and get guidance on how to best support your kiddos in the upcoming changes and ease the transition. This service is offered only as an in-home private class so that it’s customized to the needs of your family. 

*In-Home Consult Only

Free Breakthrough Session
Gear consulting

Navigating through the mass amount of baby items on the market can be very overwhelming. As a Baby Gear Expert, I will guide you through the process of deciding upon the products that will best suit your lifestyle, budget and needs best. Following our consult, you will be provided with a custom list of gear that you actually need, saving you time and money!

*In-Home Consult for Flat Fee or Store walk-through at $75 per hour

Free Breakthrough Session
custom baby registry

As a soon-to-be mom you are probably super eager to start putting together your baby registry, but not quite sure what to register for. After discussing your needs during our consultation, I can help you prepare by providing guidance on newborn necessities and ideal gifts to enter on a registry. You will also be provided with an in-depth, researched list of item recommendations that suit your lifestyle and meets your needs, which you will receive via email.

*Phone/Skype Consult Only

Free Breakthrough Session
preparing for multiples

Are you expecting multiples and seeking a bit of guidance in preparing for their arrival? Using my knowledge, I will work with your family on special nursery preparations, advice on feeding, sleeping and changing as well as best ways to ensure that both or more infants receive the attention and care necessary for healthy growth and development. I want to make sure that you feel confident and prepared, so our time together will be personalized so that all your concerns are answered.

*Available as Skype Consult or In-Home Consult for additional $75

Free Breakthrough Session


newborn care support

Usually the main focus of pregnancy is the giving birth part, but many new moms are not prepared for how to take care of baby once the little one arrives. I offer consults to provide you with evidence-based information related to newborn care and an opportunity to have any of your questions or concerns addressed. Empowering you with the tools to feel confident in your new role is the ultimate goal!

NEWBORN CARE 101: $300
newborn care 101

Caring for your new baby can be nerve wrecking! As a highly trained and experienced Newborn Care Specialist, I will provide you with hands-on instructions, as well as invaluable information on how to properly care for your new baby in the comfort, of your own home, at your convenience. I will help you get comfortable with feedings (formula or breast), sleeping, bathing, diapering, soothing, safety tips and general routines. You will be able to have all your questions answered. It’s best to be prepared!

*In-Home Consult Only

Free Breakthrough Session
establishing a routine

This service is recommended for moms 8-20 weeks postpartum looking for guidance on creating a plan to achieve a more practical baby-life balance. Babies crave routine and predictability, and I'm certain you will too. Also, from my experience, babies typically progress better on a schedule. After discussing your needs and desires, I will work with you on developing a routine that fits your lifestyle and needs but yet

flexible enough so that you don’t feel stuck. We will address the areas of sleeping, playtime, quiet time and feeding. We will also chat about ways to prepare for and ease the stress of taking baby out on his/her first outing(s).

Includes 2 follow-up Support Emails used within 30 days of consult

*In-Home Consult Only

Free Breakthrough Session
Ask the expert

So, you’re home from the hospital and realize that you have a lot of questions! No worries, it’s very normal to have further questions or seek reassurance during the early weeks and beyond.This service is great for those who have quick questions they would like answered related to a smooth transition home, newborn safety, bonding with baby, troubleshooting challenges once the baby is home, colic, reflux, newborn care basics, feeding / sleeping schedules, family adjustment, soothing fussy baby, breastfeeding or formula feeding and practically any non-medical newborn care issues. Let’s get your questions answered and get you off to a great start with your new baby. 

* Phone Consult Only

Free Breakthrough Session
Overnight Newborn Care

I believe new moms need support in order to get enough sleep in the early weeks of motherhood. This can be a key factor in avoiding postpartum depression. So, Let me be your saving grace by taking care of the baby's needs through out the night while you rest peacefully!


I will arrive at your home around 9pm and stay until 6 am (available Sun-Thurs). During my night stay I will tend to your baby's every need during the night such as diapering, feeding, soothing and settling back to sleep. 


As a Newborn Care Specialists experienced in sleep training, I will use gentle methods to teach your baby healthy sleeping habits as well as help you to develop a plan for the daytime based on your needs.


I will monitor your new baby throughout the night while both of you get a good night’s sleep! Whether you wish to have me for 1 night or 2 weeks, I am ready to provide you with the support you deserve.

*Local Clients only within 10 miles of Zip Code 48009

Free Breakthrough Session


Sleep Consultations

Does your baby's sleep schedule (or lack thereof) have you feeling sleep deprived? Lack of sleep can make preforming to your full potential very difficult during the day. Establishing healthy sleep habits is very important and the key to a good nights sleep. Let me help you through your sleep struggles!


My methods are gentle, safe and effective. I personally don't believe in letting a baby "cry it out" until they're completely exhausted. I believe in providing babies with trust and reassurance while teaching them healthy sleep habits.  All sleep consulting services provided are personally tailored to meet the needs of you and your baby.


I help children who are at least 4 months old - 3 years old. There is also an option for newborn and expectant moms (see below).

expectant parent/newborn sleep consult

This option is perfect for expectant moms and moms of newborns (0-4 months). This is not sleep training but instead guidance to creating healthy sleep habits. Learn how to get your baby sleeping through the night with ease. You will be provided with helpful tips, methods and implementation strategies to get you and your baby off to a great start. 


  • 1 Hour Phone/Skype Consultation 

  • Guidance on how to establish healthy sleep habits

  • Instructions on how to create a sleep friendly environment

  • 2 follow-up Support Emails 


*Additional charge of $75 for In-Home Consultations within 20 miles of Zip Code 48009

Free Breakthrough Session
Phone/skype sleep consultations

This option is the perfect choice for moms who are looking for a personalized sleep plan that they can implement themselves without in-person, hands-on guidance. 


  • 1 hour Phone/Skype Consultation

  • Comprehensive Sleep Assessment

  • Instructions on how to create a sleep friendly environment

  • Email with Complete Instructions for Sleep Plan Implementation

  • Personalized Nap and Bedtime Sleep Plan

  • 1 weeks of text & email support up to 2 contacts per day directly following consultation

Free Breakthrough Session
video sleep consultation

This option is the perfect choice for moms who are looking for a personalized sleep plan that they can implement themselves along with in-person guidance.  


  • In-Depth 2 hour In-Home Consultation

  • Comprehensive Sleep Assessment

  • Nursery Assessment

  • In-person step by step review of plan with adjustments made as needed

  • Personalized Nap and Bedtime Sleep Plan

  • 1 weeks of email support up to 2 contacts per day directly following consultation

Free Breakthrough Session
sleep plan refresher

This is for past clients who are experiencing changes in their baby's sleep. You may get an update to your current plan within 3 months of the initial consultation.

*Phone Consult Only

Free Breakthrough Session


Nanny search assistance/training

If you aren't in need of a full service placement, on a budget or have already found a great nanny but could use further screening and support, then one of the services below maybe the perfect solution for you.


As a former Professional Nanny, now mom, I know the ins and outs of the nanny world. From many years of experience, I can definitely help you avoid the pitfalls and ease the process to finding and training your perfect nanny.


I also offer nanny/family mediation consults to assist you in resolving conflicts you may  face, in an effort to strengthen your working relationship.

Nanny search consultation

Want to hire a nanny yourself but not sure where to start? I can help! Nanny Search Consultations are provided to families seeking support, advice and assistance as they work their way through the nanny hiring process.  During our initial meeting, I will gather information about your family’s needs, expectations, personality style, job duties, parenting style and budget. From there, I will be available to you every step of the way throughout the process of finding, qualifying, interviewing, reference and background checking your top nanny candidates. I will also provide you with guidance and suggestions on how to smoothly transition your new nanny into your home. 


Together, we will work to find a solid, committed, trustworthy nanny just perfect for your family!

*Available via Phone/Skype or In-Home Consultation

*Additional $75 charge for In-Home Consult

Free Breakthrough Session
nanny/family mediation consult

Unresolved conflicts between a nanny and the employing family is the number one reason the relationship goes south. The Nanny/Family relationship can be tricky in that the employee/employer boundaries aren’t always clear and even though they are in your home caring for your precious children, they aren’t family. Despite this being the case, many of the conflicts can be solved which may be in the best interest of your children and family!


So before you decide to sever all ties, Let me guide you through this decision making process. I will actively listen to each party and get down to the root of the matter that has caused such frustration and tension. Having an objective observer present will help you to clearly see what the underlying problem is and where both parties are coming from. We will together, re-assess and examine your relationship and then create a plan of action to effectively work towards resolving the issues.


If it turns out that the relationship can’t be saved and it’s in the best interest that the family moves on to finding a new caregiver then we will discuss a plan of action. I will help you through the process of ending the relationship in a way that is respectful to the nanny and considers the emotional needs of your children and family as a whole.

*Available via Phone, Skype or In-Home Consultation

*Additional $75 charge for In-Home Consult

Free Breakthrough Session
in home nanny/caregiver training

Providing your nanny with quality orientation and training is essential to setting them up for success! As someone who worked as a nanny (live-in and live-out) I can tell you firsthand that it can be overwhelming to just jump right into things. The little details matter a lot! So let me help you and your new nanny start off on the right foot, creating a positive experience right from the start. I will personally conduct the training and orientation for you! You will also receive a customized orientation binder, which will include all of the important details of your household for future references.  

Free Breakthrough Session

Sweet Baby Bliss does not offer medical advice, services, or treatment to its clients. If you are concerned about a medical issue related to your child we urge you to contact your doctor or pediatrician immediately.

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